"". 2016 Xmas Bicycles

    St Johns Austin-Healey Club          

Jacksonville, Florida

Chapter of the Austin-Healey Club of America

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 At our club meeting Nov. 7th our club voted to donate bicycles to children being served by the Clay County Social Services 'in school program". The club gave a $200 donation to the cause and club members mailed indivdual donations to club member Paul Sandefer who coordinated the effort. As a result, 13 bicycles, helmets, and locks as well as 10 additional helmets were ready for delivery just before Christmas. After the Holidays two more bikes were purchased for awards given by the Clay County Citizenship Program.


First task was to buy 13 bikes in various sizes along with helmets and locks.
Some were assembled and the rest came in boxes.


Christmas Gift Bicycle Project
December  2016


  So the ones that came in boxes were assembled by four Healey Elfs (all expert Healey mechanics).

(Paul Sandefer, the organizer of this event, is not in any of the pictures as he was also the photographer of these pictures)


Ready for delivery!