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Monthly Meeting Notes
April 2018

            SJAHC Member Meeting April 2, 2018

The monthly meeting was called to order by President Mike Foster at 7:20 p.m. at the home of Gary
Martz in Mandarin. In addition to Mike, his wife Joan, and Gary, attending were Paul and Judy
Sandefer, Bill and Judy Young, Erling and Sandy Onsager, Rick Stevenson and Ron Keysor.

The minutes of the March 5 meeting were approved. The treasurer, who was on business travel, advised
that the club bank balance was $$$$$$$. Mike added that the annual dues payment to the our parent
organization, the Austin Healey Club of America, is complete and the club currently numbers 31 members.

In old business, Mike said the Tampa Bay Healey Club has been informed that SJAHC is not prepared to
take responsibility for hosting the 2020 Southeastern Classic. Members had voted not to accept that request
at the March 5 meeting. It was also noted that the Youngs and the Stevensons were recognized in the national’s
magazine, Healey Marquee, for 35 years of membership. SJAHC was founded in 1974.

Larry Smart’s 1967 Sprite is on the market for $8,500, Paul Sandefer said, noting that Larry has made many
improvements to what was a very clean car. Larry, one of the club’s most helpful mechanics, dropped his club
membership this year to concentrate on his other car interests, most particularly Model A Fords.

The planned British car club outing to the Ribault Club and Kingsley Plantation on Fort George Island was also
discussed. Members of the various clubs will meet on Saturday morning at four sites before caravanning to the
destination for a historical tour and picnic. Members have received several emails and a copy of the MG club
newsletter detailing the plans. The growing cooperation between the various Brit car clubs, Healey, MG, Triumph,
Jaguar and others, is expected to see future joint activities. SJAHC has pledged to provide on-site manpower to assist
the MG and Triumph clubs in hosting the annual fall car show those two clubs have sponsored for many years.

Erling reported on the the solution to a rear-end noise that developed on his 3000. A broken emergency brake clamp
found by a couple of club member helpers and the slight displacement of a rear spring were remedied. Paul reports
replacing his rear brake cylinders after one a leaked. He also has been struggling to get a new gas gauge sender to
accurately identify the fuel level, a chronic issue on Healeys.

Rick Stevenson reported that he is ready to install the new lift acquired when Treasurer Andy Sanfilippo sold his home
is ready for installation at his Mandarin property.

Mike related how the starter on his 3000 restoration project was unable to turn over his newly rebuilt engine. Bill Young,
who is among club members assisting Mike on his project, promptly came up with a spare geared starter. That more
powerful starter, Mike said, provided an almost startling engine start up. Unfortunately, Mike said his first drive around
his neighborhood revealed transmission problems. Once again, a fellow club member, Erling, came up with a potential
solution, providing Mike with a transmission with overdrive he had in his seemingly inexhaustible parts inventory. Mike
also related how he inadvertently installed a new oil filter adapter incorrectly, something that revealed itself when his oil
pressure gauge registered zero on startup.

Ron Keysor said he recently installed a Chinese-made aluminum radiator in his BN7 after another hot spasm. The fitment
was very challenging, but the initial testing has produced lower running temperatures, he said. The real test will come with
hot weather, as his car seems particularly inclined to run hot when the ambient temperature rises.

The May 7 member meeting will be a return to the Mediterranean Restaurant at 3877 Baymeadows Road at 6:30 p.m. While
other sites were considered, the Mediterranean’s food, satisfactory meeting space and friendly management seemed to play
roles in the choice.