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Monthly Meeting Notes
July 2018


SJAHC Member Meeting July 9, 2018

The July club meeting was called to order by President Mike Foster at 7:21 p.m. at the home of Paul and Judy Sandefer on the north bank of Doctor’s Inlet. In addition to Mike and his wife Joan, attending were Alan Winer and Janice Croft, Tony Martini, Rick Stevenson, Bill and Judy Young, and David and Angela Morton. Special guests were former members Lony and Carla Taylor.

After approval of the June 4 meeting minutes, the treasurer’s report from Andy Sanfilippo gave the current club bank balance at $$$$$$.
Under new business, plans for the 16th Annual Ponte Vedra Auto Show at Nocate were discussed. That event is Sunday, Sept. 9, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Members might refer to an earlier email sent out by activities co-chair Alan Winer providing registration information for the event, which tends to fill up quickly.

Another upcoming event discussed is the annual Southeastern Classic, a regional Healey gathering planned for Oct. 4-7 at Charleston, SC. This will be event XXXII. So far six club couples are planning to attend, with a caravan to and from the show planned.

The annual British Car Club show returns to the Kings Head Pub near St. Augustine on Oct. 20. SJAHC has pledged to provide some manpower to help run the show, which has been hosted annually by either the Triumph or MG clubs. Participation is part of our club’s effort to share
more activities with other Brit car clubs in the area.

Dave Morton, who had his Healey restored by Paul Tsurkuris in Lakeland beginning 19 months ago, now has the paint work complete and a new top. He says he will be working to get the chrome and other hardware reinstalled for the trip to the Charleston show, Classic XXXII.

Mike Foster’s Healey restoration, conversion from Ford V6 power back to its original Healey and now rebuilt engine, was the object of a recent club tech session in Bill Young spacious and tastefully appointed garage at his home in Switzerland on the St. Johns River. The initial work
effort was the realignment of the exhaust system to gain clearance for the pipes and to correctly orient the muffler, which is exposed on the left side of Healeys. It was slightly torqued upon arrival, correct on departure. Attention was also given to a couple of the hangers that support
exposed lines on the car’s underside. The highlight of the day, if that is the word, was some combustion and smoke during a wiring upgrade for the the overdrive unit. There were a few frantic seconds before someone shut off the battery and the smoke cleared. This mishap, all too familiar to owners of old British cars, has been remedied. Next up Make will be acquiring a new stator tube for the trafficator, part of the steering system.
Rick Stevenson reported the the powder coating of his beige BJ8 frame is complete. A work party is planned at his place in Mandarin to restore the car to a rolling chassis, this chore to feature free beer.

Finally, host Paul showed off the “show room” polish on his handsome Model A. The service is available from the Sandefer garage crew and the usual hangers about.

In a few additional items, members are reminded the annual shrimp broil is planned at Mike’s home in Atlantic Beach on Sept. 8, with more details to be forthcoming. We are still looking for a host for the club Christmas Party scheduled Dec. 8. Volunteers?
The August meeting will be at 6:30 p.m., Aug. 6, at the Caddy Shack Restaurant at World Golf Village. This will be a dinner meeting.

Adjournment came at 8:23 p.m.

(This month’s minutes are based on excellent notes provided by Dave Morton and converted to the traditional form with his usual editorial license by Secretary Ron Keysor, who was absent for medical reasons. Blame for any errors will be shared).