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Monthly Meeting Notes
May 2018


SJAHC Member Meeting May 7, 2018

The monthly meeting was called to order by President Mike Foster at 7:50 p.m. at the Mediterranean Restaurant on Baymeadows Road. In attendance were Bill and Judy Young, Paul and Judy Sandefer, Rick and Marilynn Stevenson, Erling and Sandy Onsager, Andy Sanfilippo, Gary Martz and Ron Keysor.

Treasurer Andy
Sanfilippo reported the Club's treasury valance at $$$$$$.

In old business, members discussed the recent visit to the Ribault Club and Kingsley Plantation along with members of several British car clubs. This was the first of the combined events by members of the MG, Triumph, and Jaguar clubs, along with unaffiliated British car owners, There were two Allards in attendance, and SJAHC had six cars among those making it to the event. (Photos are available on the SJAHC Web site.)

Rick Stevenson made some favorable remarks on the MG club's newsletter and subsequently forwarded the latest issue via email and asked that it be shared with club members. (Note that members of other Brit car clubs are welcome at a Saturday morning, May 26, tech session at Legacy Automotive at 2487 CR220 in Clay County. A map and details appear in a notice with map in the MG club newsletter sent our membership at Rick's request.)

The continued success of the Fruit Cove Baptist Church's car show also drew comment. That event drew 250 to 300 cars and is now taxing the Church's rather large grounds and parking area. Also noted was the large number of collector cars showing up at the Saturday morning Cars and Coffee event at the Avenues Mall. This is a follow-on to the informal shows held at the Times Union parking lot for several years, a gathering that had outgrown that near-downtown newspaper's parking area.

Members were invited to lend their hands as Rick relocates the car Lift he purchased from Andy Sanfilippo on Rick's property on Mandarin Road. The project is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday (this week). A bonnet swap on Erling Onsager's Healey also planned the same day has been canceled because of a date conflict.

Mike volunteered the use of his gazebo for the annual shrimp boil held in the fall. The weekend of Dec. 8-9 was selected for the annual club Christmas Party, the location not yet determined.

Paul Sandefer said that Alan Winer and he are in he process of creating a wheel mount that adapted to handle wire wheel balancing on older tire mounting and balancing machines modeled on one owned by Richard Gross of the MG club. That device, which correctly supports wire wheels during the balancing process, was tested at Kiley's Tire Shop on SR17 just north of Green Cove Springs. That firm will furnish the appropriate size Nexen tire, mounting it on a wire wheel using an owner-provided inner tube, for $100 each. It was also observed that Hendricks, a Greensboro, NC, tire firm with a recognized reputation for quality work on wire wheels, provides that service, with the inner tube, for $205 per wheel, That firm also shaves tires to provide perfect balance. Locally, Robert's Tire and Wheel, 2506 W. Beaver St., also services wire wheels.

The next member meeting will be at 7 p.m. June 4 at Andy's residence, 11274 Campfield Circle, Jacksonville. This is a new address for Andy.

The May 7 meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.