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Monthly Meeting Notes
November 2018


SJAHC Member Meeting November 5, 2018

The November club meeting was called to order by President Mike Foster at 7:15 p.m. at the
Ponte Vedra home of Bill and Charlene Maroney. Also in attendance were Paul and Judy
Sandefer, Bill and Judy Young, Alan Winer and Janis Croft, Erling and Sandy Onsager, Rick
Stevenson, Tony Martini and his son Jim, and Ron Keysor.

The minutes of the Oct. 1 meeting were approved.

President Foster reported the club’s bank account stands at $$$$$$$. This amount was after
reimbursement to Mike for hosting the 44th Annual Club Anniversary Party at his home Sept. 8
and the agreed payment for the club’s annual participation in the new British Car Club Calendar
(http://www.bccnf,net/events-calendar). Treasurer Andy Sanfilippo, who has been on frequent
international business travel and unable to attend most meetings, provided Mike with the club
financial records he had maintained over the years.

Membership chair Bill Maroney reported with satisfaction that 33% of the club membership has
paid the $70 annual dues ($50 to Austin Healey Club of America, Inc., and $20 to SJAHC.)
Members have been informed about this obligation that should be paid by Jan. 15, 2019, by
letter and email. Bill also reported that John Kuendig is not renewing his membership and may
offer his 1967 Healey for sale. Those interested will find John’s email address in the club
membership listing and the annual AHCA membership directory.

Mike also said that member Charley Schott’s home in Panama City Beach sustained substantial
damage in the recent hurricane that swept over the Florida panhandle. Charley is a well recognized
Healey restorer.

Activities co-chair Tony Martini reported briefly on club member participation in three recent car
shows. Bill Young took a best of show at the Ponte Vedra show with his Healey Bugeye Sprite,
an event that marked the 60th anniversary of that car’s introduction. Five or six members
showed Healeys at the event. Member Alan Winer took Porsche best of show at Ponte Vedra
with his 356, which also took a third at a major Porsche show in New Jersey more recently.

Six SJAHC members drove their Healeys to the Southeastern Classic held in Charleston, S.C.,
early in October. Some difficult traffic getting out of Jacksonville and a new tire delamination on
Mike’s recently restored 3000 were among the challenges the attendees encountered. On the
plus side, the host club did an outstanding job putting on the event and Jim Martini captured the
Fun Gymnkhana (sic?) event driving one of Tony’s cars. There were 82 Healeys and 125
registrants at the annual three-day event.

Additionally, five or six members showed their cars at the annual Brit car show held at The Pub
on U.S. 1 north of St. Augustine on Oct. 20. Paul Sandefer was recognized for his successful
efforts in finding a Boy Scout troop he recruited to provide lunch fare at the show, a sure money
maker for the Scouts. Bill, Tony, Paul, Ron and Daaryl Anderson showed their cars. Paul got the
people’s choice award for his Sprite, reportedly assisted by a group of youngsters who were
enthralled withs the cat tracks (think Clemson) applied to the orange (of course) Sprite hood. Bill
also took another award with his Bugeye. Eighty-four cars were at the show hosted this year by
the area Triumph club.

Plans for the annual Christmas party to be held at Tony’s home beginning at 5:30 p.m. on
Saturday, Dec. 8. This will be a heavy hors d’oeuvres evening, with members asked to consult
with Judy Sandefer on their contribution to the evening’s fare. This is a BYOB affair, with water
and soda provided by the club. Male club members will again share in an auto-related gift
exchange with a maximum cost of $35, the ladies a $25 limit on whatever they might bring.

The club officers for 2019 were elected by acclamation, with Tony accepting the club presidency.
Paul takes on the task of treasurer previously performed by Andy Sanfilippo. The carryovers
include Alan, VP, Tony and Dave Morton as activities co-chairs, Ron Keysor, secretary, Bill
Maroney, membership chairman, and Bill Young as technical advisor.

Bill had on hand copies of his Ladder Logic Format rendition of the Austin Healey Wiring
Diagram. These will be reproduced in versions from the BN through BJ8 cars in a future edition
of The Marque, the AHCA’s official journal. This will be a signal accomplishment from one of
SJAHC’s original members.

A technical session is scheduled beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17, at Paul Sandefer’s
garage in Orange Park. The installation of a finned aluminum sump on Ron’s BN7 is the major
project, but others may emerge. Another tech session will be held at Rick’s Mandarin home/
garage beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 1. This will feature some undefined suspension
work on one of Rick’s fleet.

The prospect for two future cruise events were raised by Alan and Tony, with the details likely to
be announced in emails when the opportunity arises. Alan suggested a dining visit to the Sugar
Mill Restaurant at DeLeon Springs State Park as one objective. Diners get to make their own
flapjacks at that well-known attraction. Tony is suggesting a countryside romp when a
opportunity presents itself in the future.

The evening’s meeting, which was notable for the variety of topics that contributed to this
lengthy report, was adjourned by Mike at 8:30 p.m. Members, as usual, lingered for
conversation and the ample, varied and tasty snacks presented by the host Maroneys. Their
new flooring, it must be added, was admired by the guests and its completion welcomed by Bill.
RK, Secretary