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Monthly Meeting Notes
October 2018


SJAHC Member Meeting October 1, 2018

The monthly Saint Johns Austin Healey Club member meeting was called to order by President
Mike Foster at 7:40 p.m. at Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant in Mandarin. In attendance, in
addition to Mike and wife Joan, were Bill and Judy Young, Paul and Judy Sandefer, Alan Winer
and Janis Croft, Dave and Angela Morton, Bill and Charlene Maroney, Tony Martini, and Ron
Keysor and wife Elaine Weistock. The September minutes were approved with one correction:
the club Christmas Party will be held at Tony Martini’s home at 5 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 8.
There being no treasurer’s report and no known club expenses, the club bank balance remains
at $$$$$$$.

Membership chair Bill Maroney said there were no changes in membership numbers since Dan
Goad of St. Simons joined last month. When the annual membership dues cycle begins, Bill
said he will ask members to forward checks to him. He will then pass along the checks to
Treasurer Andy Sanfilippo to be forwarded to our national organization, the Austin Healey Club
of America. Several members send their payments directly to the AHCA.

In old business, Mike mentioned again that the hosts for the British Car Classic XXXI, set for
Oct. 20 at The Pub on U.S. 1, are looking for donations of auto-related items to be given out as
door prizes. Members planning such gifts, books, tools, etc., are asked to bring their items to
the show.

Paul Sandefer gave a brief report on the car show held last Saturday at the Trout River camp
on S.R. 13. Paul, who showed his Model A Ford pickup truck, said the show was well attended.
Paul also reported on the British Car Club of North Florida (BCCNF) Calendar that combines
activities of British car clubs on an internet-posted calendar. SJAHC is among clubs
participating, with the operating cost now pegged at $4.20 per month, or $50.25 per club
annually. Access the calendar at The leader of the
project, Ian Massey, said the calendar is embedded in a new Web site at
This will provide instructions on the use of the calendar. SJAHC Secretary Ron Keysor
volunteered to coordinate our contributions to the calendar. Plans are to add the calendar to the
club Web site.

Under new business, Bill Young handed out copies of the power flow electrical charts he has
created for Healeys from the BN3 through the BJ8. Those getting copies were asked to check
them carefully for errors or additions they might suggest. Bill may take copies to the
Southeastern Classic in Charleston later this week, and his work may eventually be shared with
the wider Healey community via the AHCA publication “The Marque.” Given the many puzzles
Healey owners encounter with the widely available published wiring diagrams, Bill’s creations
appear likely to be a very significant contribution to understanding Healey electrical systems.

Alan Winer offered a suggestion that the club dispense with some monthly member meetings by
alternating those with “cruises” where members assemble at a starting point and tour the
countryside to a selected destination. These usually end with a luncheon somewhere on the
route. This idea would help diminish some of the redundancy common to the monthly business
meetings, Alan explained.

Activities co-chair Dave Morton has “door shut” components for a BJ8 available to an inquiring
member. He also gave away a slightly used boot upholstery kit.

Additionally, Dave detailed the meeting location and route plans for club members heading up to Charleston for the Southeastern Classic on Thursday, Oct. 4. He subsequently emailed
members detailed plans for the estimated 7-hour, 280-mile trip.

Members nominated officers for 2019, with Tony Martini accepting nomination as president to
relieve a grateful Mike Foster. Once again Tony was briefly absent from the meeting, returning
to learn of his nomination. Last month he was handed responsibility for hosting the annual
Christmas Party during a similar absence. He answered the bell for both obligations.

The annual officer election will be held at the club’s Nov. 5 meeting being hosted by the
Maroneys at their home at 637 Timber Pond Dr. in Ponte Vedra. Unlike meetings held at area
restaurants, those at member homes don’t include dinner and begin at 7 p.m. Snacks are
always part of these gatherings.