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Monthly Meeting Notes
September 2018


SJAHC Member Meeting September 8, 2018

The September SJAHC meeting was called to order at the home of President Mike Foster and wife Joan in Atlantic Beach at 6:30 p.m. last Saturday. The meeting was held during the 44th Annual Club nniversary Party an Shrimp Broil in the spacious gazebo Mike recently built
behind his home. Also attending were club VP Alan Weiner and wife Janis Croft, Activities Co- Chair Tony Martini, Membership Chair Bill Maroney and wife Charlene, Bill and Judy Sandefer, Bill and Judy Young, Rick and Marilyn Stevenson, and Secretary Ron Keysor and wife Elaine Weistock.

The minutes for the August meeting were approved with a correction. Members participating the the Triumph Club-sponsored British Car Classic XXXI scheduled for Oct. 20 are encouraged to bring automotive-related items, books, tools, etc., that will given out as door prizes at the event. These items are not part of the awards presentation as the show returns to The Pub on U.S. 1 north of St. Augustine this year. SJAHC members may be asked to provide assistance to the Triumph Club sponsors during the show.

Regards that show, Paul Sandefer said his exhaustive efforts to find a Boy Scout troop to provide an outdoor food service, hamburgers, hot dogs, and the like, have been unsuccessful. The youth organization providing that luncheon service would be provided $300 in “seed” money to purchase food items for the show and keeps any profits. The Pub proprietors, recognizing the restaurant cannot service all of the show visitors, approves of this arrangement.

Call Paul if you know of a youth organization that might benefit from this money-making opportunity.

There being no treasurer’s report in the absence of Treasurer Andy Sanfilippo, it was agreed that club’s bank balance remains at the $$$$$ reported at the previous meeting.

Bill Maroney said club membership remains at 31 plus one local member. Dan Goad, a new member from St. Simons Island, GA., was not in attendance for the shrimp broil but did join several club members showing their cars at the 16th Annual Ponte Vedra Auto Show held the
following day in Nocate. Those included Mike Foster, Bill Young, Tony Martini, Bill Maroney and Ron Keysor. Alan showed his perfecto Porsche 356 coupe.

The undecided question of where the club will hold it’s annual Christmas Party and gift exchange was addressed (again) and settled while Activities Co-Chair Tony Martini was briefly absent from the member meeting. Tony graciously accepted the news that he will host the Dec.
9 event at his home upon his return to the meeting. Rather than a sit-down dinner, it was decided that the fare will be heavy hors d’oeuvres. As traditional for the gift exchange, it is suggested that male members provide a gift costing around $35, $25 in the case of the ladies.
This is a “bring your own bottle” event for those who wish. More party details will emerge at a future member meeting.

Tony said he will send members an email with details for a car shakedown cruise he will develop for sometime during the week beginning Sept. 17. This trip gives members who plan to caravan
their Healeys to Charleston for the Southeastern Classic Oct. 4-7 a chance to make sure their cars are performing well enough to make that long drive. All members are welcome. The likely starting point will be at the Gate gas station at Race Track Road and U.S. 1. The route will likely
be southward, some of it on A1A.