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Monthly Meeting Notes
February 2019


SJAHC Member Meeting February 4, 2019

The February member meeting was called to order by President Tony Martini at 6:50 p.m.
Monday at Don Juan’s Restaurant on San Jose Blvd. Also present were Paul and Judy
Sandefer, Bill and Judy Young, Alan Winer and Janis Croft, Bill and Char Maroney, Erling
Onsager, Rick Stevenson, and Ron Keysor.

Treasurer Paul Sandefer reported on the Club’s recent expenses. The current bank balance is
$$$$$$$ Paul said.

Under old business, Tony reminded members that our club members are invited to the MGClub-
sponsored combined swap meet, repair session and luncheon from 10:30 a.m. until 3:30
p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 16. The location is at Legacy Automotive at 2487 County Road 220 in
Clay County. This is a car repair shop located to the rear and west side of Clay County
Transmission on the south side of CR 220. Five members have committed to attend this outing,
part of the cooperative British car club association, the BCCNF, instituted last year by member
clubs. There is a charge and application fee for this event. Visit the MG portion of the British
Car Clubs of North Florida ( for registration information.

Also noted was the upcoming third installment of SJAHC tech advisor Bill Young’s series of
articles with detailed graphics covering Austin-Healey electrical systems appearing each month
in Healey Marque, the monthly magazine of our parent Austin-Healey Club of America. This
series that launched with the 100 series cars, BN1 and BN2, continued in the latest issue with
the 100-6 through the 3000 series. Next up, one of Bill’s automotive passions, the Sprites.
While Marque editor Reid Trammel regularly publishes technical articles, Bill’s presentation of
his series explaining in detail the often-puzzling Healey wiring systems is surely a signal event
for that magazine.

Fifteen club members have committed to the club’s annual St. Valentine’s Day brunch being
held again this year at the River City Brewing Co. on Jacksonville’s south bank on Sunday, Feb.
17. Participants who want to caravan with other Healey’s to the event will meet at 10:15 a.m. in
the parking area BEHIND the Crispy Cream donut shop. Healey drivers can avoid the traffic
bumps in front of Steinmart by entering the center drive into the shopping center parking lot
behind the donut shop, Rick Stevenson advises. Directions and further details will be sent out
beforehand by Dave and Angela Morton. Members wanting to attend should contact them.
River City Brewing Co.’s brunch was accorded very favorable member responses in 2018.

Bill Young and Bill Maroney report on their visit to new member Bob Barton’s home in St.
Augustine for an informal tech session. Bill M. reportedly did most of the wrench work in
removing the original brake servo from Bob’s BJ8 and installing a replacement. Both Bills report
that the Barton garage and automobiles are of a very high standard. Yes, Bill Y. provided
technical supervision for this enterprise, and it was successfully accomplished.

Two special Healey outings were also discussed. Members wishing to join in a jaunt to an
unknown destination should appear for lunch at the Beach Diner on San Jose Blvd. at 11:15
a.m., Wedneday, Feb. 13. Frequent diners at that restaurant recommend it highly.

Also, tentative plans are afoot for a drive to DeLeon Springs, a state park famous for its
pancakes (and the Spring). This event is likely to be held March 20 or 22. Details will be

Additionally, a picnic cruise to Washington State Park is scheduled for March 30. This is a
British Car Clubs of North Florida event. Participants are asked to bring a picnic lunch and an
additional food item to share with others attending. More information will be coming later, Tony

The March 4 club member meeting will be hosted at the home of SJAHC members not yet
identified at the close of the February meeting. That meeting ended about 7:45 p.m., likely sped
to its conclusion by a rather exuberant and noisy party of diners seated tables parallel to and
right next to our dinner meeting. Tony had to use full voice to be heard, and much of what
occurred probably wasn’t heard by the note taker.

R. Keysor, Secretary