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Monthly Meeting Notes
March 2019


SJAHC Member Meeting March 4, 2019

The March member meeting was called to order by President Tony Martini at 7:31 p.m. Monday,
March 4, at his home in the Julington Creek area. Those also attending included Paul and Judy
Sandefer, Rick and Marilyn Stevenson, Bob and Dolores Barton, Mike and Joan Foster, Erling
and Sandy Onsager, Bill Maroney, Alan Winer, and Ron Keysor.

The minutes of the Feb. 4 meeting were approved. Treasurer Paul Sandefer said the club’s
bank balance remains at $$$$$$$$. Membership Chairman Bill Maroney said our national
organization, the Austin Healey Club of America (AHCA), has encountered some problems that
are delaying mailing of the annual association directory that is sent to all paid members.

In old business, Tony commented on the brunch held Feb. 13 at the Beach Diner on San Jose.
Chilly, damp weather saw just three members and two others attending. One joining the trio of
SJAHC was Steve Lipsky (sic?), who is in the process of an exhaustive restoration and upgrade
of a Healey once owned by his father, a former club member. The restaurant sustained its
reputation for good food, Tony said. A short Healey cruise followed the meal.

Seventeen club members attended the annual club St. Valentine’s Day brunch at the River City
Brewing Co. alongside the St. Johns River in Jacksonville on Feb. 17. Tony said the courtesies
extended to the club, including allowing a formation of Healey’s outside the restaurant, a senior
discount for members, a grand view of the river and downtown Jacksonville, and, once again,
excellent food at reasonable prices. The event was again arranged by Dave and Angela
Morton, and was followed by a Healey cruise south of the city, including a stop at Riverton Park.

Also receiving very favorable comment was the MG-sponsored British Car Council tech,
luncheon and swap meet hosted by Legacy Automotive on Country Road 220 in Clay County on
Feb. 16. The shop’s MG owner allowed the use of his spacious workshop for car owners who
took advantage of the lifts and other gear. The amount of food offered attendees was over the
top, well prepared and tasty, said our club members attending. Those were Bill Young, Paul
Sandefer, Larry Smart, Rick Stevenson and Ron Keysor.

Events co-chair Alan Winer briefed members on the planned Healey trip to DeLeon Springs
State Park on March 22. He has secured reservations for 10 people to share in the pancake
luncheon at the famed Old Spanish Sugar Mill. There are a variety of additional activities at the
park, including a museum and the mysterious pool fed by a seemingly bottomless freshwater
spring. Arrival timing is critical, 12:30 p.m., and reservations are tight and largely spoken for,
Alan said. However, members will receive a detailed email with meeting place, departure time,
and possibly information on additional reservations. Those desiring to participate might wish to
contact Alan by March 11 to help him firm up the reservations.

Also being considered for a future event this month will be a trip to a well known Palatka
hamburger joint, Angels, sometime this month, Alan said. Members will be notified if the March
15 cruise becomes definite.

Members werereminded of the March 30 British Car Council picnic car cruise to Washington
Oaks Garden State Park near Palm Coast. Participants provide their own picnic lunch and
possibly a desert item to be shared by those attending. Caravans will be departing on the
journey south from both sides of the St. Johns River. Details will go out nearer the event date.
Visit the British Car Council web sites for additional information.

A shop meet is planned at Rick Stevenson’s home in Mandarin beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday,
March 16. Rick is acquiring parts to do a Healey drum brake replacement, but members are
free to work on their own cars during the session.

Paul and Judy Sandefer had a Healey surprise when they attended a Model A Ford Cars and
Coffee at Richmond Hills near Savannah, GA, recently. A Healey slipping in among the Fords
was brought by a former Sandefer neighbor when they lived in Savannah years ago.

Paul also brought along a bottle of a product called Thermocure, available for about $20 at Walmart and
Amazon, though supplies are scarce. Paul said the liquid, mixed with plain water and run for
about four hours in a Model A, brought out a shocking amount of accumulated crud and reduced
engine running temperature by 10 degrees. He will soon try his engine block and radiator
cleaner in his Healey. Watch for a report.

After considerable discussion of the lead story in the latest AHCA monthly magazine, “Healey
Marque,” members attending the meeting seemed evenly divided on whether the club should
direct criticism of the decision to publish to the magazine’s editor and the association
leadership. The four-page article and accompanying cover photo was a celebration of the
marriage of a same-sex couple who went off on their honeymoon in an Austin Healey.
The appropriateness of the article in a car hobby magazine and its proportions seem the focus
of criticism. Ultimately, this very sensitive social issue brought strong sentiments on both sides.
The decision not to make a complaint appeared strongly influenced by knowledge that only a
small portion of the membership was in attendance at the meeting, and that a decision to
protest would thus not necessarily represent the broader membership’s sentiment on a divisive

Finally, Tech Advisor Bill Young spoke of the three-day upcoming Amelia Island Concours
d’Elegance this weekend, the 24th running of what is likely the second most recognized show of
its type in the nation (Pebble Beach being the title holder). Bill, who serves as a judge in the
competition each year, said 300 cars will be on display at the premier portion of the event on
Sunday, but many activities, auctions, alternative car shows, and exhibitors offering automotive
related wares run from Friday through Sunday. Consult the event’s Web page on the Internet
for full details.

The meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.

The April 1 member meeting will be hosted by Mike and Joan Foster at their Atlantic Beach
home beginning at 7 p.m. Those who haven’t seen the terrific gazebo Mike constructed behind
his home are in for a treat.

R. Keysor, Sec.