St. Johns Austin-Healey Club          

Jacksonville, Florida

Chapter of the Austin-Healey Club of America

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          Monday, March 2nd
Monthly Meeting
Meeting at 7:00 PM
Sandy & Erling's House
14270 Hawksmore Lane
Jacksonville 32223
          Saturday, February 15th
Tech Session Shop Meet 9:00 AM
Subject: Adding a Fuse

Bill Young's Garage
208 St John's River Place Lane
Switzerland, FL 32259

            Sunday, February 16th

Valentine's Day Brunch

Aiming for 11:30-45 AM
River City Brewing Company

835 Museum Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32207


The plan is for us is to meet on San Jose (SR 13) in the parking lot just behind Kryspy Kreme (towards the strip mall area) around 10:20 to be ready to leave there at 10:30.
Our goal is to arrive around 11:15.
They will not seat us until all of our party is present.

Those from the beach can meet up at a designated place of their choosing if they are wanting to caravan with your Healeys.
Those on the west side and south....we will see you at the designated parking lot at 10:20 on Sunday, the 17th of Feb, 2019.

or just
Everyone meet at the Restaurant about 11:15

           Monday, January 6th
Monthly Meeting 

7 PM

Tony Martini's House
1641 Inkberry Lane


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