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SJAHC & AHCA Renewal Information
Updated 08/28/2023

The 2023 renewal via ClubExpress was a “learning” experience for everyone. The information you entered then will probably still be valid and make renewal much easier and quicker.
When you are ready, you can begin 2024 AHCA & SJAHC Renewal by logging on to the Austin Healey Club of America web site via this link: and select “Member Log In” from the top left margin.
***Note: Although this Go-By seems long, the online renewal takes only 7 to 10 minutes.***

Enter your AHCA “User ID” & “Password”

A Pop-up Box says “membership is expiring”, select “Yes I want to renew now”.

1) Step 1 of 5 – The Membership Renewal Page should show “Membership Type” as “U.S. Standard” and the Current Total as $90 (AHCA $70 + SJAHC $20). The “Expiration Date” will show 12/31/2023. Select “Next”.

2) Step 2 of 5 - General Info: check for accuracy and correct if necessary: a) “Salutation”, b) “First”, “Middle Initial”, “Last”, and “Nickname”, c) Primary Address: USA, “City”, “State”, “Zip Code”, “Time Zone”, “Metro Area” should be “None”, “Home Phone” number should be your primary contact phone number (if you want your cell number to be primary enter it here), d) Other info: mobile phone (if you put your cell as your home # put it again here), spouse /other of record should show here (if making a new entry, wait till a later renewal page), email address (MUST HAVE on listed), e) select “Next”.

3) Step 3 of 5 – a) Primary Member page: next to your name & Primary Member & $70 (AHCA annual dues), should show FL – St. Johns AHC & $20 (SJAHC annual dues) and Total $90, b) on the “Spouse / Partner” line click “Add” to enter your spouse / partner (this is voluntary), c) select “Next”.

4) Step 4 of 5 - Privacy and Official Use Agreement: Select “I Agree” then “Next”.

5) Step 5 of 5 - Membership Summary: Review the Personal Info and Detail of Charges. If correct select “Finish and Proceed to Payment”.

“Make Payment” screen shows your name and AHCA member number. a) A pop-up message box announces your renewal has been processed, select “OK”, b) pay online by credit card (most secure and easiest) or print invoice for mailing in a check to AHCA (slowest payment processing and SJAHC receives your membership dues up to 6 months later), please select “Credit Card” (recommended) or “Check” from the drop down menu.
b) If you selected Credit Card payment, enter the commonly required card information and select “Submit Payment”.
c) You can print a receipt but you will receive an email receipt from AHCA.

Note: Do not mail any AHCA checks to either Paul Sandefer (SJAHC Treasurer) or Bill Maroney SJAHC Membership.

For help with renewal please contact Bill Maroney 904-563-4857


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