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SJAHC & AHCA Membership Information
Updated 10/12/2023

The club offers two types of membership.

A Full Membership or a Local Only Membership.

A Full Membership requires you to join the national club, Austin-Healey Club of America (AHCA), and join us, the local club, the St Johns Austin-Healey Club (SJAHC).

A Local Only Membership is available by paying directly to our local club.

* Membership does not require you own an Austin-Healey *

AHCA Benefits:
Eight editions of “Marque” magazine, your listing in the digital (always up to date) national directory of Austin-Healey Club members (handy when traveling and you need help), liability insurance while attending SJAHC & AHCA events, buy & sell on the national AHCA website, searchable technical database, lots of info on A.H. car stuff, and invitation to the national AH Conclave car show (Various US locations each year)
($50 goes to the AHCA + $20 which the AHCA remits to SJAHC)

SJAHC Benefits:
Fellowship locally with other Healey enthusiasts, access to many people with extensive working knowledge of English sports cars, road trips, monthly meetings that alternate between a restaurant and member homes (Zoom meetings during Covid), help finding parts, Tech Sessions to work on members cars, social events, a computerized SJAHC Social Roster, and connections to other local car clubs.  
($20 to the SJAHC + $10 which goes to the AHCA to cover Club Insurance)

To join both SJAHC & AHCA
(Full Membership) :

1) log on to the Austin Healey Club of America web site via this link:

2) Select “New Member Sign in” from the left margin.

        a) from the “Membership Type” dropdown menu: select “U.S. Standard”.
        b) The “New Expiration Date” will auto-fill. Select “Next”

3) Terms of Use and Privacy; select “I Agree” then select “Next”.

4) General Info: a) select your member “Salutation” type from the dropdown menu then fill in “First”, “Middle Initial”, “Last”, and “Nickname”.

5) Spouse Info: “First” & “Last” names. This is voluntary.

6) Primary Address: USA is default, enter your “City”, select your “State” from dropdown menu, enter your “Zip Code”, select your “Time Zone” from the dropdown menu, from the “Metro Area” dropdown menu select “None”, enter your “Home Phone” number if you want it to be your primary phone number or leave it blank if you want your cell number to be primary.

7) Other Info: enter “Mobile Phone” number, enter “Fax” number if you want, enter your “Email Address”, enter your website if you want, then select “Next”.

8) On the Member Sign Up page: next to your name & Primary Member & $70 (AHCA annual dues) select “Add Area”. A pop-up box will appear, select “FL3 – St. Johns AHC” from the dropdown menu then select “X” to close the box. The Sign Up page should now show FL – St. Johns AHC & $20 (SJAHC annual dues) and Total $90. Select “Next”.

9) Create a “User Name” and “Password” to access the “Member Only” areas of the AHCA website. Be sure to save this user name & password with your other log-ins!! Select “Next”.

10) Privacy and Official Use Agreement: Select “I Agree” then “Next”.

11) Review the information displayed for accuracy then select “Finish and Proceed to Payment”

12) “Make Payment” screen shows your name and new AHCA member number (save this # with your Log-in info). A message box announces pay online by credit card (most secure and easiest) or print invoice for mailing in a check (slowest payment processing and SJAHC receives your membership dues up to 6 months later), select “OK”. Next on “Payment Method” select “Credit Card” (recommended) or “Check”.

13) If you selected Credit Card payment, enter the commonly required card information and select “Submit Payment”.

14) Complete the SJAHC Social Roster Form (
(in Word) (as a PDF) withhold any info you don’t want to share).

15) Email the completed SJAHC Social Roster form (in Word) (as a PDF) as an attachment (if you use Apple, please send as a PDF file) or highlight the completed form then copy it and paste it into the body of your reply email sent to me.

17) AHCA will send SJAHC your $20 annual within 2 weeks.

Submitting a Local membership application:

Membership in the SJAHC only (Local Member).

Cost = $30/yr. SJAHC dues are $20 plus $10 sent to AHCA for liability insurance coverage while you are attending AH related functions (this is an included item in AHCA dues).

1) print and complete the SJAHC Social Roster Form (withhold any info you want).
2) make one check payable to Saint Johns Austin Healey Club for $30.00
3) mail the SJAHC Social Roster form, and the check to:

William F Maroney, SJAHC Membership
637 Timber Pond Drive
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32082

Note: You do not need to currently own an Austin-Healey to join either club.
Thanks for joining your area Healey club. Please meet with your new British car family and be sure to bring your ride!!

Bill Maroney
SJAHC Membership Officer



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